In Love With a Killer (Springtrap to William Afton x Reader) - Ch. 20: Your High School Bestie (2024)


The next morning, you're lying there on your bed. William is lying next to you. You're still in the skimpy lingerie he bought for you. You start to wake up and you sigh and smile. You whisper, "That was a damn good experience.~"

You look over at a sleeping William and you stroke his face. You're out of the slings binding your wrists by now. You say, "You were so f*cking good, Will. You know what I crave, baby.~" You lean in and you kiss him on the lips. You pull away and you say, "Thanks to you, my ass cheeks are still sore from the whipping I've received. f*cking worth it.~"

You get up and you walk to your closet. You suddenly hear this, "Hey, beautiful.~" You look over to see that William had woken up. He's sitting up as he looks over at you and he's in just a shirt and his briefs. You smirk and you lick your lips saying, "There's my sexy dilf. How was your sleep, huh?~"

He chuckles and says, "How was your night, huh?~" You blush and you say, "Thanks to you, my ass cheeks are sore. Worth it, though.~" He smirks and he says, "Mm, you asked for it, baby. That sweet plump little ass needed a good whipping.~" You blush and you giggle. He smirks. You say, "You hungry?" He says, "Hey. Let ME make breakfast, this time. I can see you stumbling a little. I doubt you can even walk yourself to the kitchen.~"

You grin and you say, "All thanks to the middle-aged dilf with a big dick and going rough on me, last night. Damn good night. I bet all of those other girls out there aren't receiving even a hug.~" He chuckles and he says, "You definitely have a bitchier side to you, sometimes."

You say, "Every female does, baby. But I mean it. I'd rather stick with YOU than be with any other guy... or girl. Doesn't matter. I'm a bisexual woman.~" He says, "Good. So long as I have you by my side for as long as you live... I'm happy." You grin and you say, "Love you.~" He says, "You know I love you too, sweetheart.~"

He stands up and he grabs a pair of pants of his. You say, "You should just cook breakfast like THAT. In your briefs... sweet firm ass behind it. I could watch that while you cook, baby. Just saying.~"

He says, "Too bad, babe. I'm heading for work after we eat. I don't feel like changing after this." You make a fake little pout and you say, "Oh, okay." He looks back at you and he says, "But hey. Do let me know the next time you want some hot sex from me.~" You say, "Oh, trust me baby. I will. You know how to please a woman.~" He grins and says, "Older and more experienced, baby.~" He gets his pants on.

He approaches you and he cups your chin. He leans in and he whispers, "Lay down for a little but until I say breakfast is ready.~" You lean in and you softly say, "Okay, baby.~" He kisses you and you kiss him back.

He pulls away and you get to the bed. You get upon it. He says, "You just relax, sweetheart. I'll come and get you in a few moments." You smile and you say, "I love you, William Afton.~" He says, "I love YOU. Especially to the point where I'll slaughter somebody.~" You say, "Just know that you have my support, sweetie.~" You lay down and he says, "That's my girl." He walks out of the room.


Later on after a good breakfast before William went to work, you're out with Fantasia and Chelsea. You're all at a bar. Chelsea's not drinking since she agreed to be the designated driver if you guys get too carried away. And you knew Fantasia would with alcohol. Chelsea doesn't drink as much as you two do. William's still at work.

As you all sit at the bar counter, Fantasia looks at you and says, "So, (Y/N). You and Afton do any other sh*t with each other? I see that look on your face." You sigh and you smile saying, "BDSM, baby.~" She and Chelsea grin and they say, "Oooh."

Fantasia smirks and says, "Ooh, girl. You were a freak last night, huh? I knew you two were finna get freaky with one another, eventually. But goddamn. BDSM?" You say, "It was f*cking fantastic, sis.~" You take a drink of your booze. Chelsea says, "Any safe words?" You say, "It was mercy and I only used it once."

Fantasia looks at you and says, "Bitch, what? Just once you used the safe word? Damn. Most people use the safe word at least five times and YOU used yours only once? You a freak, for sure. A f*ckin' masoch*st." You grin and you say, "Only for William Afton. That's my boo. I love him so much.~"

Chelsea says, "Damn, girl. At least you had fun, right?" She takes a drink of her booze. You grin and you say, "My ass cheeks are still sore from the whipping I received from him. I could barely walk, but not because of the whip... Because... Well, you know."

Fantasia says, "I'm aware. Big dick and all." You blush and you nod. Fantasia says, "Look. I'm fully f*ckin' aware of THAT part. When he was eatin' dinner with us at mom and dad's... I walked in on his ass, taking a piss. I saw his dick. No wonder you sore as sh*t. You f*ckin' lucky." She takes a drink of her booze. You say, "f*cking worth it.~"

You suddenly hear a feminine voice sighing and saying, "Ugh. f*ck today." You look over to see a woman with raven hair, a red and black striped shirt on, black pants, etc. You see her sitting down. Then you realize who it is and you gasp.

The woman that just sat down hears this, "Asami Nakazawa?" She looks over to see you and she gasps. You grin. She gets up and she says, "Holy sh*t! (Y/N)!" You get up and you approach each other. You hug each other and you say, "My god. I haven't seen you since high school graduation."

You pull away and you say, "How have you been?" She says, "Oh... Okay. I have a son, now. He's two years old." You say, "Hey, that's awesome. What's his name?" She says, "Justin Nakazawa. I... gave him MY last name. His daddy and I split up a year ago. Real piece of work. I love my son."

You say, "At least you've got your kid, right?" She says, "Yep. Full custody. What about YOU?" You say, "I don't have kids... yet. But I did meet somebody. He's... Well, he's older. Much older. His name's William Afton and he is damn hot for his age." She says, "Oh, nice. I need to meet him." You say, "Trust me. You will. Just come visit me."

She looks over to see your sister and her friend. They see her and Fantasia says, "Asami? Damn, girl. I hadn't seen your ass in a while. Where you been?" Asami says, "Studying online college and raising a son. How are YOU, Fantasia?"

She says, "Can't complain, I guess. Just waitin' for (Y/N) ass to carry a niece or nephew for me." Asami says, "Why's that?" Fantasia says, "Cuz I can't have kids, myself. (Y/N) can. My mom and dad really want a grandbaby." You say, "I'll do what I can. She's not lying. I'm the only one out of the two of us who's gonna be able to conceive."

Chelsea says, "Who knows? You might end up pregnant anytime, now. Especially after last night's event with William Afton." Asami smirks and says, "Oooh, you got down and dirty with him, didn't ya?"

You blush and you nod. You look at her and you say, "Trust me. He's fifty-three years old but he is f*cking hot for his age. See it to believe it. He gets off work at 6pm." She says, "I'm following you to your place. I need to meet William for myself." You smile and you nod. You all hang out until Chelsea drives you guys home and Asami follows you guys to your apartment.

In Love With a Killer (Springtrap to William Afton x Reader) - Ch. 20: Your High School Bestie (2024)


How long was William Afton stuck in Springtrap? ›

The Rise of Springtrap

There, William came back as Springtrap, due to his iron will to live. He remained there for less than a week while stalking and terrorizing the attraction's night guard by causing hallucinations, until the building burnt down due to arson or faulty wiring.

Are William Afton and Springtrap the same person? ›

Springtrap is William's first true appearance in the series, appearing as a heavily damaged Spring Bonnie animatronic/springlock suit, with Afton's mummified remains still inside. The suit is a drab olive color, with darker colors on his stomach and the insides of his ears.

Who is William Afton in real life? ›

William Afton is a fictional character whose presence in the series 'Five Nights at Freddy's' has made a significant impact on the whole gaming industry.

How old is Afton? ›

According to the timeline and lore established in FNAF, William Afton was born in 1922, meaning that he would have been around 53-54 years old during the FNAF 3 minigames.

Who has a crush on Springtrap? ›

In Fazbear Entertainment, he mets a fox with a crush on him named Mangle.

Is William Afton a phone guy? ›

He is not William afton. William afton is the former co-founder of the pizza chain. Phone Guy is a dead guy who was an employee sometime from 1983–1987. He worked for years before getting killed by the animatronics.

Who is William Afton's wife? ›

Mrs. Afton- also known as William Afton's wife- is possibly named Clara. Clara is a character's name in the TV show that Michael/William (William based of conspiracy) watches after spending the night at Sister Location The TV's characters are speculated by fans to be based off the actual Afton family.

How painful is a springlock failure? ›

The springlocks holding it back are also very dangerous and will slice through your neck and stomach making it impossible to scream for help, you are left to die in the suit. It is painful, there are spikes impaling your body in every place and it will take a long time for you to die.

Is William Afton still in the Springtrap suit? ›

Salvaged Springtrap proves Afton doesn't possess the suit, but rather the springlocks are just infused in his body now, after the FNAF 3 fire, he got a new suit “Salvaged Springtrap”(and he most likely lost a majority of his organs), which FURTHER proves that fact that anyone who thinks the suit possessing is real, it ...

How long did Springtrap rot? ›

Now known as Springtrap, Afton spent 30 years rotting away sealed inside the Safe Room until he was found and placed in Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction.

How many years old is Springtrap? ›

Springtrap William Afton
SeriesFive Nights at Freddy's
Age80(Mentally) and 50(Before death)
BirthdayWilliam (194X) Spring Bonnie (1983) Springtrap (1993)
SexMale ♂
6 more rows

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