Student Sign In (2024)

1. Student Login

  • 5 dagen geleden · To login into Prodigy account, navigate to and Select Log in and input your student's username and password.

  • To login into Prodigy account, navigate to and Select Log in and input your student's username and password. Have your student select the game they would like to play!

2. Play. prodigy. Prodigy Math Game is an online game-based learn...

  • 37 minuten geleden · FAQ on your students' experience with Prodigy. Let's get started!Prodigy Math is a fun, curriculum-aligned, adaptive, online game-based learning ...

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3. Play. prodigy -

4. Boddle Learning | 3D Math Game for K-6 Kids

  • Log in as a Parent/TeacherPlay Game · Login as ... math skills that also tracks student progress. ... Students Log in Daily to Earn More Boddle Bucks Than Ever ...

  • Boost math engagement and close learning gaps with the most interactive 3D math game. Tackle learning loss and help your kids catch up and excel in K-6 math with Boddle's adaptive learning platform!

5. Play Boddle

  • To play Boddle on a computer, go to on your child's device and sign in your QR code log-in card.

  • Click here to login and start playing Boddle. Available on the web and iOS

6. Prodigy Math Game - How to Play Prodigy For the First Time on Vimeo

  • Duur: 5:02Geplaatst: 22 mei 2015

  • This video explains how to log in and play the game for the first time, and covers: - Creating a character - The diagnostic test - Entering a math challenge - How…

7. Should prodigy make prodigy science? | Fandom

  • Don't have an account? Register · Sign In ... Prodigy Science is referring to an educational game that poses questions to students ... student playtesters. 0.

  • What would it be like?

8. Prodigy games - DC Urban Moms and Dads

  • 4 mei 2023 · My 1st grader says all his friends play Prodigy ... OP here- so do all MCPS students already have a school account? ... I don't think there is a ...

  • post reply Forum Index » Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)

9. Reflex | Math Fact Fluency Solution

  • Student Login · Educator Login · Parent Login. Sign Up ... Full of games that students love, Reflex takes ... Learn how Reflex and Frax work together to build a ...

  • Solve the math fact fluency problem with Reflex. Learn more.

10. how to evolve pets without being a member? - Prodigy Game Wiki

  • Prodigy Math Game · Prodigy English ... You can create a random account, then sign in with the username and password. ... Prodigy Game Wiki is a FANDOM Games ...

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11. Why we love the Prodigy Math game for elementary-aged kids

  • 27 okt 2021 · How it all started… My son started playing Prodigy in 1st grade as a student in a public school. Everyone in his class had an account and they ...

  • To my son, Prodigy is an epic adventure game where he uses MATH MAGIC to win battles and earn pets and prizes. As a parent, Prodigy is a free math game that ... Student Sign In (2024)


How do I Log In to Prodigy as a student? ›

Select "Log in" then enter your Username and Password. If your account was created with (or is linked to) Google, Clever or ClassLink, select from those options. 4. Select the “Log In” button again.

What is the class code in Prodigy? ›

What is a Class Code? A class code is a unique set of letters and numbers linked to each classroom registered to a Prodigy Teacher Account. Class codes allow your students to link their existing accounts to your classroom when they log in!

What's my Prodigy username? ›

1. Log in to Prodigy Math and select the gear icon to access the settings menu. 2. Your User ID will be displayed on the settings menu.

What happens when you reach level 100 in Prodigy? ›

When the player levels up past Level 100, the "Max Level" bar below them vibrates several times, and then transforms into Level 101.

What is the strongest pet in Prodigy? ›

Ashlet delivers the maximum power (9) but possesses the minimum hearts (1) of any pet in Prodigy Game. Only two other pets share the same characteristic.

Is Prodigy free for students? ›

Is Prodigy Math free? All of Prodigy Math's educational content (questions, in-game videos and math manipulatives) is free. Anyone can make a Prodigy Math account and start learning! Parents and teachers can register for a free account and link their child or students to track progress from their dashboard.

What is the ancient real name in Prodigy? ›

Harmony, more commonly known as "The Ancient," is the guardian/boss of Harmony Island in Prodigy Math Game.

What is the hardest thing to get in Prodigy? ›

Although Squibbles evolve into Squabbles and Squarrels, they are by far the hardest of the three to find in the Prodigy Game World. The advantage of silence. Squibbles move through the water extremely quietly, making it almost impossible to detect them by sound alone.

Will Gale fix the pedestals? ›

He is also responsible for fixing the pedestals, which the rest of the work (saving the Wardens themselves) will require the player.

How do I find my Prodigy student password? ›

  1. After logging in to your Teacher Account, select Manage Classes from the top of your screen.
  2. On the Manage Classes screen, scroll to find the classroom you'd like to retrieve login information for, then select View login details.
  3. Your student's login information will be displayed on the next page.
Mar 13, 2024

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